Monday, May 19, 2008

Adverganza's Monday morning picks, 05.20.08

Wherein I scan the Monday morning headlines so you don't have to. (I'm doing a shortened version today because of deadlines. Maybe I'll make it complete later in the day. Sorry!):

From Advertising Age:

Do CPG companies lie when they say they're going to slash-and-burn their upfront budgets?
—This upfront could get ugly.
WalMart discovers tacos.
JetBlue looks to hire a crisis communications agency. It's about damn time.
—Nutrasweet becomes a tabletop sweetener.
—Looks like that annoying blogosphere doesn't like the name Synarchy for WPP's Dell-only agency. I can't imagine why.
Is the personal care trend over?
—Bob Garfield gives 3 1/2 stars to this Canon commercial from Grey.

From Adweek:

—Forget about Yahoo for a minute; Microsoft's efforts in surface computing.
—The ad model for social media isn't figured out yet.
Halo 3 campaign wins big at the Clios.
Microsoft, Yahoo start to talk again.
A closer look at VW's Max campaign. The non-TV part.
Benjamin Palmer's down on branded content.
—Barry Wacksman asks that "media" be divorced from "emerging."
—Levi's viral campaign, "Jumpin' In" takes off.

From The New York Times:

—More on Microsoft's re-pursuit of Yahoo.
—Is there a slowdown in online display ads?
—America imports more overseas TV series.

From The Wall Street Journal:

—Yeah, more Microsoft/Yahoo. Free.
News Corp.'s new ad network. Subscription required.
Close-up on Starbucks' Howard Schultz. Subscription required.

More to come ...

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