Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Extended Stay Americas: it's toilet-lickin' good!

Let me start by saying I can't even believe I'm posting this. I'm a respectable woman, for Christ's sake! Or I was. Yeah, the picture at left is of a woman licking a toilet, and if you want to watch the entire NFSW video, you can click here. The premise is that her hotel room is so clean she can lick all of the surfaces, and although it drags a little when she's licking the clock radio (how banal!), it does sort of reach a, uh, crescendo during the bathroom scene. Now, the reason I'm posting this is that, according to a BoingBoinger who checked out whois.com, it's posted on a site that's owned by Extended Stay Americas: extstay.com, which means either someone hacked the site, or it's real. If you look closely, it's clear the action takes place at an Extended Stay Americas hotel. (Particularly when she licks the company's logo on the phone....ewwww!) Tasteful? No. Memorable? Yes, YES, YYYEESSSS! (Thanks to Steve Rubel for tweeting about this and getting me with the program.)

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Anonymous said...


They seem to be moving up the taste scale . . slowly . . .from licking to farting.