Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Adverganza's Wednesday morning picks, 11.05.08

Wherein I scan the post-Election Day headlines because you're too busy looking at political news.

From Advertising Age:

--Yes, marketers, you can learn something from Obama's win.
--With Obama's win, here come the regulations.
--The Obama campaign's grasp of "time shifting and consumer control."
--Media outlets about to have a post-election hangover.
--Some think Obama-mania will turn Kenya into a tourism hotspot.
--OK, so Mediavest did a study predicting at what time each state would be called. Does that strike you as at all, say anal?
--Revamped Google/Yahoo search deal hasn't exactly erased all concerns.
--Booz & Co.'s Chris Vollmer on media companies gaining on the ad industry in data ownership.

From Adweek:

--Goodby's Mike McKay moves to Saatchi & Saatchi LA as ecd.
--Supreme Court hears starts to hear case on indecency over the airwaves.
--Film at 11! Gen X immune to traditional advertising!

From Brandweek:

--Thinking it's not enough to launch one campaign, Qwest launches two.
--Hard to argue with this tagline: "Five bucks and change" for CiCi's pizza. Here's a commercial, posted to YouTube by my buds from AdFreak:

--From where I sit at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, looks like a good idea that Greenpeace used some JFK footage in its new campaign. Here's the spot:

From Mediapost:

--Supposedly, people will spend more on holiday shopping now that Obama has won, and Goldman Sachs is one of the entities behind this particular survey.
--You can buy a new car for $9,900.
--Those "white spaces" get approved. FCC chief Kevin Martin calls this the beginning of "WiFi on steroids."
--Film at 11! "LinkedIn Users Have Higher Incomes!"
--AT&T puts a limit on consumer downloads. Something tells me this isn't going to sit well with everybody.
--Twitter looking for new executives.
--Media stocks up on Election Day.
--Obama regulation watch: expect him to regulate DTC ads.
--San Diego, Austin, Dallas and Orlando lead the country in DVR penetration, with almost 40 percent of San Diego residents having one.
--Jack Feuer on why this year's presidential nominees were great at the marketing thing.

From Mediaweek:

--Former Yahoo exec Sean Lyden joins digital out-of-home company Outcast as vp/product strategy.
--At least Americans are getting ready for something: the onset of digital TV.
--Maybe broadcast TV will do better once this damn election is over. Sounds plausible.
--Pet-lover site zootoo.com signs advertisers.
--Something or other about Starburst and a content distribution deal of a series which appeared yesterday in home page space on YouTube. Anyway, here's the show:

--More management shifts at Westwood One, following last month's ouster of the CEO.

From The New York Post:

--No one is buying scatter.
--People, US Weekly, rush to get Obama on the cover.

From The New York Times:

--Google drops Yahoo search partnership in its entirety. Jerry Yang calling Steve Ballmer as we speak.
--Slate names Obama winner at 9:27 p.m.; networks wait until 11.
--Time Warner beats its forecasts, but sees some gloom ahead.
--Great. Now layoffs are being blogged, and not just by the, um, lay-ees.
--Which newsweekly turned news bi-weekly is becoming a monthly?
--The new Westfield London mall has 100 digital billboards from CBS Outdoor. Just imagine the electric bill!

From The Wall Street Journal:

--U.S. TV market got you down? Hooray for Bollywood! Free.
--The Journal's take on Google backing out of the Yahoo deal. Subscription required.
--Online retailers expect sales to slow this holiday season, but because they are such a happy group they still expect them to be up. Just less up. Free.

Au revoir.

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