Monday, June 4, 2007

Adverganza's Monday morning picks

With apologies to Cliff Notes, our Cliff Notes about what's worth reading in Monday morning's ad news dump:

From Ad Age:
—Google/DoubleClick? Yahoo!/Right Media? Microsoft/aQuantive? The ANA and 4As don't get it.
—Why "It's gotta be New Era Man no matter what they charge."
—Nat Ives plays guess the future management of the magazine industry. But the bigger question may be will anyone care?
—Another VW campaign. No cars die.
—Bob Garfield loves Goodby's new Comcast spot. You gotta check this thing out. Rats haven't been this funny since they were over running that NYC Taco Bell.

From Adweek:
—Whoops! A glitch in Nielsen's first delivery of commercial ratings data.
—Google buys Feedburner.
—Should American presidential candidates imitate the online video strategy of France's Sarkozy?
—Barbara Lippert kind of likes the first Audi campaign from Venables Bell and Partners. (You can see at least some of the spots here.)

From The New York Times:
—Aw, geez, now the magazine industry doesn't even need Madison Avenue.
—Everyone's waiting for the iPhone, also known as "The God Machine." Remember, kiddies, never buy version 1.0 of anything.
—Hillary Clinton's YouTube-fueled effort to let voters pick her theme song.

From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required, at least until Rupert Murdoch buys it, and then we'll talk):
—It's about time: Hearst-Argyle becomes the first TV station to actually get a cut of the ad revenue surrounding its content on YouTube.
—Cognitive scientists come to the ad industry.

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