Wednesday, October 17, 2007's Ben Relles gets last laugh

By now you may know that Ben Relles, one of the minds behind the love-it-or-probably-hate-it video about pitching the Subway account, was also behind two videos that fall much more into the loved category: the SNL send-up "Box in a Box" and "Obama Girl." Now, the site he and his partners created to continue his political spoofing——has been bought for an undisclosed sum by one of those broadband entertainment thing-a-ma-jigs, called Next New Networks. Via Adweek's IQ Interactive Newsletter. Found an interview with Relles here. (By the way, just discovered that the video is no longer up. Maybe that's been the case forever, but sad to see that one of the great moments in agency pitches gone wrong is now consigned to the dustbin of viral history .... whew! stop me before I metaphor again!)

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