Friday, February 8, 2008

Yeah ... Eli Manning's going to Disney World

I guess this ad is obligatory by this point—on the other hand, I wasn't entirely sure Disney was still doing these, until I saw this during a commercial break of "Hannah Montana" last night. Yeah, I was watching "Hannah Montana" last night. Still can't figure out why. Via BestAds.


Anonymous said...

Here's my question: Do the guys who say this actually go to Disneyworld, or are they just lying to the youth of America?

I mean, Madonna wouldn't promote Sunsilk if it weren't her shampoo of choice, right? Right?!

Anonymous said...

They go, but they don't have to stand in line. Or go to Epcot. Or ride "It's a small world" or "The Pirates of the Caribbean."
I understand the idea for this came from Mrs. Michael Eisner about 23 or so years ago.