Monday, August 20, 2007

Adverganza's Monday morning picks, 08.20.07

This may be my only post of the week, because as previously stated, I am on vacation. (The weather has been great, BTW). So, here are Adverganza's Monday morning picks, where I scan the headlines so you don't have to:

From Advertising Age:

—Why pitching Dell could turn out to be a disaster. (Quiz question: Why is Adweek completely ignoring this review? Does that mean something?)
—Are marketers ignoring the fact that the label "Made in China" is becoming a liability?
—Rance Crain thinks advertising could avert a worldwide economic crisis.
—Is Web video the new :30?
—New 5 gum doesn't give Bob Garfield a full-body orgasm.

From Adweek:

—Brian Morrissey on why social networking doesn't always work for advertisers.
—Does advertising today act a lot like Karl Rove?
—TV networks embrace the recap episode.
—Non-vacationing ad execs talk about how Mattel can fix its image.
—Tom Messner on the long, storied history of sports-betting scandals.
—Barbara Lippert on "the GoDaddying of political advertising."

From Mediapost:

—McDonald's is offering drinks with flavor shots. How about Hawaiian Punch with a Cherry Coke chaser?
—Nissan: Official car of an Arizona city. Quiz question: Are you expelled for driving a Toyota?
—Staples is using paper to help people social network.
—BK traffic surges by 774 percent on Simpsons Movie tie-in, but did it sell more hamburgers?

From The New York Times:

—Who can withstand 30 days of fashion?
Kwik-E-Mart mementos now available on eBay.
—Why advertising may not be the cure for what ails AOL.

From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required, for now):

—A close-up of Ethos JWT.
WPP Group sees ad growth in 2008 because of the usual suspects: the Olympics and the election.