Monday, January 5, 2009

Adverganza's Monday morning picks, 01.05.09

Wherein I scan the Monday morning headlines so you don't have to.

From Advertising Age:

--Guess what? In 2009, auto ad budgets will continue to suck wind.
--Marketing execs more interested in trade deficits than your silly Web 2.0 marketing idea.
--Social media valuations might not be what you think.
--Boy Scouts invest in new brand, GPS.
--David Berkowitz looking to kill the word "viral." Here, here!
--Outgoing NBC guy tells CBS and ABC their video search sucks.
--While you were on vacation, CMO Mark Jarvis left Dell.
--Below, Bob Garfield's 11th annual Bobbys.

From Adweek:

--U.S. agency of the year: Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. (You knew that, didn't you?)
--Global agency of the year: TBWA.
--Media agencies' 2009 mantra: ROI.
--Barbara Lippert thinks the Pepsi spot below, from TBWA/Chiat/Day, got watered down.

--2009 is gonna hurt.
--Dag Soderberg puts Bono in the bible.

From Brandweek:

--From the editors of Brandweek, a new blog, BrandFreak.
--Nielsen CEO John Burbank on why Web advertising isn't memorable.
--All about the digital transition.
--We'll learn a lot about the power of brands this year.

From Mediapost:

--Agency of the year: Mediavest.
--Retail marketer of the year: WalMart.
--Food marketer of the year: Campbell Soup.
--Automotive marketer of the year: Subaru.
--Financial services marketer of the year: ING.
--Technology marketer of the year: HP.
--American Pie's Seann William Scott to MC a sports show on Heavy.
--Where the VC money might go this year.
--Google diggs for mobile product ideas.
--Q&A with Television Bureau of Advertising president Chris Rohrs. He's not all that upbeat.
--Aegis Group looking for those so-called "strategic alternatives."
--Viacom apologizes for those "Why Is Dora Crying?" ads.

From Mediaweek, lotsa depressing forecasts:

--2009 might hurt less if you're in digital, but it's still gonna hurt.
--You don't want to be in network TV right now.
--Good news! Cable might not experience the "concussive trauma" this year of some other media sectors.
--Independent magazine entities are headed for a lot of pain.
--Local TV and radio looks to diversify.
--Advertisers still liking out-of-home in '09.
--TV production is going to be awful in 2009.
--The ups and downs of Knight Rider.

From The New York Post:

--Steve Jobs says he has "hormonal imbalance."
--Which retailer will fold next?

From The New York Times:

--Superheroes came to the rescue of Hollywood in 2008.
--You knew things were going to go a cropper with Kathy Griffin on CNN.
--The surprising strength of
--In magazines, being down in ad pages by single digits is the new up.
--Book publishing business so bad that conferences are being held via Webcam. Boo-hoo!
--More people get their news on the Web than newspapers. Duh.

From The Wall Street Journal:

--Ads to be less "lavish and glamorous" this year. Duh. Subscription required.
--Are TV and the Internet finally getting hitched? Free.
--New York Times sells ads on its front page. The horror! Free.

Glad that's over. Very depressing. Uh, happy new year?