Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So, who are Julie Roehm's Facebook friends?

Yesterday's story about Facebook in Ad Age, not to mention yesterday's cover story about Facebook in Newsweek, begs the question of not only who has profiles on Facebook, but who those people's friends are. Thus, we'll begin studying this topic by taking a closer look at Julie Roehm (her Facebook photo is at right), followed, in later additions of this special investigative Adverganza series, by whomever else pops into our heads. (One proviso, of course, is that a "friend" on Facebook is not the same as a friend in the real world. Unless you can't stand someone, it's pretty bad form to turn down a request to be somebody's friend.) OK. Sorry. Back to Julie. Here are the friends of hers we recognized: Stewart Alsop, Microsoft's Joanne Bradford, Internet gal-about-town Susan Bratton, Ad Age's Matt Creamer, who, BTW was the writer on Ad Age's Facebook story this week, Avi Dan, JWT's Colleen DeCourcy, The New York Times' Stuart Elliott, Mediapost's Joe Mandese and Nick Friese, Joseph Jaffe, Jed Savage (who, last I knew, was at eBay), and Organic's Chad Stoller. It also shows you the limitations of Facebook that people you might suspect are friends of Julie Roehm's are not listed, such as Sean Womack, and don't hold your breath for Howard Draft, either.


Anonymous said...

I am friends with all the Ad Age Facebook elite...although I am friends with everyone :)

One thing I thought was interesting was that none of those profiled had over 100 friends.


Alan Wolk said...

Joey: That's because they totally f'd up the story: all of Ad-Land is on LinkedIn, not Facebook.

For all the reasons you and I have discussed, mainly LinkedIn's ability to keep business and social life separate and the fact that your friend list on LinkedIn can only be seen by your friends, not some random stranger.

A lot of people I know keep a Facebook account to be able to check out the medium and have one or two close friends/family members who they experiment with.