Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Copyranter says it isn't so after all

Never thought of Copyranter as being sheepish, until I got an email alert about a comment to my post covering his untimely departure from blogdom. All it said was: "I, uh, was premature." Yes, after saying Friday that he would no longer post to Copyranter, but that he was still interested in getting a paying blog gig, Animal NewYork took him up on his demand for blogging wages, making this the shortest retirement since Roger Clemens picked his steroid-filled needle back up and decided he'd pitch again. (OK that was an insane analogy since we know that bloggers don't take steroids, but, hey, whatever.) Mr. Ranter says he will also post to Copyranter but won't be as prolific as he used to be, but at least for his first post-coming-out-of-retirement post he gave us "half naked men with cats." All is right with the world.

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