Thursday, June 12, 2008

Use Tampax so the sharks won't get you

Not to be gross, but is this Tampax ad (the logo is partially visible in the corner) saying what I think it is saying? What country is it running in? Or is it a hoax? In case you don't know what I think it's saying, there's an old wives' tale—and maybe a true one—that sharks are more likely to attack women when they are having their periods because they can smell their blood. Are we to assume, then, that the so-called product benefit is that the product works so well that sharks won't attack?

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Anonymous said...

At least according to Ads of the World, it's running in France, done by the folks over at Leo Burnett. It's definitely a striking image -- kinda sly and fun -- and I doubt it would ever run in an American mag.