Sunday, November 16, 2008

Adverganza's Monday morning picks, 11.17.08

Wherein I scan the Monday morning headlines so you don't have to.

From Advertising Age:

--How, precisely, the collapse of Detroit would suck for agencies and media companies.
--Old Spice vs. Axe, if grooming products aimed at male teenagers is your gig.
--BBH branches out into vegetarian meals and personal alarms.
--You should still care about Yahoo.
--All about addressable advertising. Pipe dream or a way to use pipes to fulfill a dream? Whoa, calm down, Adverganza.
--Reckitt Benckiser rocks.
--The Association of Magazine Editors tries to honor the advertising/edit divide, while one unidentified editor says, "I could give a fuck about ASME." Ouch.
--Retailers get ready for a lousy little Christmas.
--Even if you're not yet out of the magazine business, maybe it's time to get out of the magazine business.
--Awww. We still no how to give.
--We're eating more cereal. Don't think that's a good thing.
--Film at 11! We're going to drink less bubbly this holiday season!
--Bob Garfield gives Honeyshed one pitiful star.

From Adweek:

--Adweek's 30th anniversary package. Who's been influential, best ads of the last 30 years, and so forth.
--Video to celebrate Adweek's 30th, featuring interviews with WPP CEO Martin Sorrell, TBWA Chiat/Day's Lee Clow, Cliff Freeman, more.
--What you don't know about your target's media consumption habits.
--Six finalists in Levi's creative review, if you care.
--Donovan Data Systems and Interpublic renew their deal.
--Buzzmaker Crispin gets the assignment for Microsoft's Zune, which could be, well, intriguing, as the Zune has just about no buzz.
--BMW of North America dealers to Grey West.
--Gap's Christmas campaign .... Dixie Chicks plus Sandra Bernhard ... other weird celebrity juxtapositions ... see below or ... click here ... via Laird & Partners.

From Brandweek:

--It's a bird, it's a plane, it's superfruit.
--New Tic Tac packaging. Thrilling.
--Mercedes gets ready to start a new online community.
--Target gets bloggers to go mobile for Christina Aguilera CD launch.

From Mediapost:

--SunTrust's "Live Solid. Bank Solid" tag is a sign of the times.
--Consumerism is dead. Long live causism.
--Speaking of which, a new online magazine for "people who want to live well and do good deeds."
--Interview with chief Cella Irvine.
--Thanks for playing,
--AT&T a backer of a new privacy thinktank: the Future of Privacy Forum.
--Citadel, Emmis and Clear Channel sign up for radio audience measurement in real-time.
--Despite their combative ad campaigns, telcos, cable companies and satellite companies are starting to actually selling ads together.
--Call for a six-month moratorium on new billboards in L.A.

From Mediaweek:

--Scatter for sports in Q4 kind of lacking in that demand thing.
--Which two publishing companies laid off staff late last week?
--The online video shakeout is upon us.
--Cable advertising is still happenin' as NCC does $1 billion in sales.
--The TVB wants live-plus-three.
--Former Rolling Stone publisher Ray Chelstowski to run new luxury magazine. In this economy, good luck.

From The New York Post:

--Yeah, TV development budgets are down too.

From The New York Times:

--If you read my blog, you know this already: Michelle Obama wears J. Crew.
--The National Review discovers that online discourse can get nasty.
--Say "Au Revoir" to "TRL."
--Epoch Films sprouts Dandelion to tell stories about brands. You mean, like, "Once upon a time there was a brand ... "?
--Despite ad cutbacks, there will be no shortage of people walking around wearing logos.

From The Wall Street Journal:

--Will the economic downturn finally kill off the yellow pages? Subscription required.
--James Bond flick takes in over $70 million this weekend. Free.
--Pirates are ripping off Blu-Ray. Subscription required.
--Home Depot launches Spanish version of its Web site. Subscription required.
--Reed Elsevier CEO Gerard van de Aast to leave company. Subscription required.

That's it for today.

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