Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Adverganza's first of '08 picks, 12.01.2008

Wherein I scan, the, um, Wednesday morning headlines so you don't have to (unless you're a total wonk and checked out what had happened in advertising over the holidays on Monday, in which case, I have little respect for you).

From Advertising Age (doesn't look like there's a print issue this week. Wait, hold that thought. There's something out called the Ad Age Annual, but, unless I'm mistaken, only some of what it contains is online):

—The obituaries of two people in the business who mattered: the one, the only, Phil Dusenberry at 71 after battling lung cancer, and Conde Nast's Steve Florio following complications from a November heart attack.
—Taco Bell and Starbucks start the new year with light menus. Given how losing weight is still a popular resolution—whatever—some see this as no more than a marketing ploy.
—Presidential candidates prove good for spot TV in Des Moines.

From Adweek:

Adweek's take on the death of Phil Dusenberry.
—A media outlook package, covering most media, except, from what I can tell, advertising in toilet stalls and skywriting. Click here, be patient, scroll down, and you'll find links to all of it.
—The role of citizen brand ambassador becomes formalized.
—Marian Salzman and Ann Mack look into their crystal ball.
Diageo posts an RFP online. Don't get excited; the gig only pays $5000.

I'm time-challenged this week with a long story due. I'll post when I can.

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George Parker said...

That "OpenAd" thing is like the "BootB.com" thing I posted about a couple of weeks ago... Don't quite get it... But, what the hell do I know?