Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sir Martin Sorrell's Davos blog

Little did we know that, when he's not musing about Google's market cap, Sir Martin Sorrell is a blogger. At least for this week, as he is currently blogging for the Daily Telegraph on his trip to Davos. You can read all about it here. So far, he hasn't said a thing about Google; his main concerns seem to be, in no particular order, the weather, the crowds and the economy. Via AgencySpy.


HighJive said...


you can't possibly believe any of us are going to visit the man's blog.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Davos (which always seems to be for REALLY BIG business and doesn't usually attract ad folks), advertising seems never to have financial scandals of great proportion. I mean a kickback here, an unpaid media bill there, but never a 7.1 billion dollar trading loss like Societe Generale. Of course, for advertising to have a scandal that big, someone at Dentsu would have to walk off with a year's billings. That would probably go pretty far in Prague.
Highjive, I think you would be a welcome addition to a Sorrell blog.

George Parker said...

Cathy, Tom & HighJive... You know he can't possibly write his own blog... Just like Kevin Roberts doesn't write his "lovemarks" tripe. As David Ogilvy once said to me... "Dear Boy (it was a long time ago) I never discuss money... I have people who work for me who discuss money." Dontcha just love that? When you have reached such an exalted position in life that you "have people" who do the mundane things for you. They proabably wipe their arse when they go to the toilet. I'm working on it... Not the arse wiping... Having people.