Monday, June 2, 2008

Adverganza's late Monday picks, 06.02.08

Wherein at 10:23 p.m. I finally scan the Monday morning headlines, which all of you probably already have, but in case you haven't:

From Advertising Age:

--Not again! Networks get small upfront price increases.
--Guess who's not liking McDonald's Dollar Menu?
--"How to Get Your Brand on Oprah." 'Nuff said.
--Al Ries on ad slogans. Well, at least someone still cares about them.
--An obit of Coke's Chuck Fruit.
--What if Brazilians take over Bud?
--Google actually does some advertising.
--Bob Garfield gets all steamy about K-Y Yours + Mine lubricant stuff.
--Once again, I don't make Ad Age's list of "Women to Watch."

From Adweek:

--Dave Morgan becomes chairman of the Tennis Company?
--Planworks gets out the hatchet.
--C3? Meet L3.
--Interview with Hal Varian, Google's chief economist.
--Macy's YouTube version of "Road Rules."

From Brandweek:

--Mac OS share up 6.1 percent. Maybe those "Mac vs. PC" ads are actually effective.
--What me worry. Hummer launches a campaign for the H3.
--The store within a store concept grows.

From Mediapost:

—Faith Popcorn thinks "Sex and the City" is new "Depression-era feel-good movie." Just hope it doesn't cost too much gas to get to the theater.
Burger King uses Diddy, Spike Lee to promote that it's now open until 2 a.m.
Olay launches Color Recapture. Sounds like a camera, but, no, it's "a daily anti-aging moisturizer that provides sheer coverage."
—Seth Goldstein's regrets about Beacon.
—Did anyone notice? FedEx is losing the Kinko's name and rebranding it FedEx Office. Why does this feel like a mistake?
Interview with Oren Frank, new worldwide chief cd at MRM Worldwide.
NBC Universal, Nielsen, developing new media research product.

From Mediaweek:

—This just in: Taylor Nelson Sofres and GFK get the urge to merge.
—Group M does a few network and cable upfront deals.
Turner packages together its sites into an ad network.
Discovery's Planet Green launches tomorrow.
Massive agrees to third-party verification of its in-game ads.
—This week's magazine facts and figures.

From The New York Post:

—It's been 123 days since Carl Icahn's last blog post.

From The New York Times:

—New Mr. Bill ad for MasterCard currently the Times' second most e-mailed business story. Old ways die hard. Sorry, the spot isn't available online yet.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Wal-Mart lets people post free classifieds on its site. Interesting. Free.
—Who wants to show off their bottle of Febreze?

OK, gang. Sorry that took so long. Enjoy.

More to come ...

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Fed Ex Office
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