Monday, June 9, 2008

Adverganza's Monday morning picks, 06.09.08

Wherein I scan the Monday morning headlines so you don't have to.

From Advertising Age:

—More thumbs-down on the Hummer. Here's to hoping they close down the dealership in my hometown.
If you think you can monetize YouTube, than you sell some ads.
The iPhone and the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.
—Going green not just for Birkenstock-wearing liberals.
—Exploring the oxymoron that is the news weekly.
Really need a (non-alcoholic) drink? Go to McDonald's.
All about the upfront.
—Toyota targets puts, of all things, a Camry in the middle of an espionage-filled online game.
Jonah Bloom thinks Yahoo has a plan.
Bob Garfield gets verklempt about Element 79's last work for Gatorade.

From Adweek:

—How Dell learned to listen.
Tough times for agency outposts in L.A.
—Milk discovers this thing called the Internet.
—Profile of See Jane Run TV Marketing's Jane Rockwell.
—More on the Wachovia review.
—Will WPP bid again for TNS?
Barbara Lippert floats through the air over Wieden + Kennedy's "Jump" live stunt for Honda. Metaphorically speaking.

From Brandweek:

Licensing industry in the dumps.
Star Trek-themed coffins and urns? Oy.
—Even in an economic downturn, organic sells.
—Can you find
—Q&A on how Everlast plans to last forever.

From Mediapost:

—Interview with Barry Herstein, PayPal's first CMO.
—Traffic to super centers up, gas station convenience stores down.
"Alcoholic beverages are withstanding the economic downturn very well." Why is that not at all surprising?
Best Western hires a travel blogger.
—Initiative decides to hold Alan Cohen to his contract.
TV commercials still rule.
Most depressing story of the day: Tribune's plan to "right-size" the company.
Rodale shuffles editors, wants to expand digital and international.
—Diane Mermigas on online video's (lacking) business model.
Will the cable upfront be moderately up?
Meebo launches some new ad formats.

From Mediaweek:

The network TV upfront may go north of last year's $9 billion.
—Magazines dive into more low-class direct response ads.
—Those reliable online metrics aren't actually that reliable.
—Broadcast networks summer shows nothing to write upfront deals about.
9.5 million people watch first game of Celtics vs. Lakers.

From The New York Post:

—The iPhone gets ready to steal some of Blackberry's thumbs.
—Store windows might start watching you back.

From The New York Times:

—Profile of Joe Ripp, the AOL whistleblower, who is not named in a financial fraud civil suit.
Taking toys on tour.
Wal-Mart in concert.
—Will Steve Jobs use today's iPhone announcement to make other news?

From The Wall Street Journal:

"Kung Fu Panda" wins big at the box office. Subscription required.
—After the earthquake, marketing in China becomes a delicate exercise. Subscription required.
AC/DC to sell its newest album exclusively at Wal-Mart. Subscription required.

That's it for today folks. Stay inside. Drink lots of water.

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