Monday, July 7, 2008

Adverganza's Monday morning picks, 07.07.08

Wherein I scan the Monday morning headlines so you don't have to.

From Advertising Age:

Profile of Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton.
Ad Age's story on the Biegel vs. Dentsu settlement.
The weather's fine at NBC Universal.
—In China, resistance is futile to the Beijing Olympics.
—Shocker! Advertisers not flocking to "Swingtown."
—Media buyers up on cable, online, and mobile. Down on everything else.
—Line extensions no longer extending the line so well.
—P&G discovers the connection between Buffalo and Cannes.
—Bob Garfield isn't digging the new work for the HP TouchSmart from Goodby. Personally, I think he's being a little rough, though agree a little more demo would've been nice.

From Adweek:

Microsoft, Carl Icahn team up to oust Yahoo's board.
—J.C. Penney recycles "The Breakfast Club" in its back-to-school campaign. What this world needs is a reminder of Judd Nelson.
—For some reason, brings back the cyber cafe.
Q&A with Ed McCabe. You can watch a video of it at this link.

From Mediapost:

—A close-up on the current trends in auto incentives.
—Will convenience stores get eaten by high gas prices?
The raw food trend comes to pet food.
—Allstate campaign looks to help the middle-class allay its retirement fears.
New campaign for Loopt, a social mapping service.
—Privacy experts are glad a judge agrees with them that Google has too much information on all of us.
—Forrester: Corporate blogging not all the rage.
Looking closely at the newspaper business ain't pretty.
—Following in the Manolo Blahniks of "Sex and the City," there will be a "Friends" movie.

From Mediaweek:

—NBC offering cross-platform Olympic measurement.
—Fox orders up an Osbourne variety series. (The link doesn't seem to go anywhere, so I'm not linking to it.)

From The New York Times:

—More on Steve Ballmer and Carl Icahn vs. Jerry Yang.
—Profile of the Facebook guy who works for Obama.
—Dove tries to tighten the ties that bind its products to women's self-esteem.

From The Wall Street Journal:

—General Motors may shed more white-collar jobs, and some brands. Free.
—Ads touting John McCain's energy policies aren't produced by the McCain campaign.

That's all folks.

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