Monday, September 22, 2008

No need to email Dan at Sprint

Sprint Nextel came out last week with the second black-and-white commercial featuring (relatively) new CEO Dan Hesse. The only thing I know about the first spot was that a bunch of bloggers, rightfully, got down on Sprint for printing Hesse's the end, as though the guy was actually going to enter into an email relationship with his customers. Instead, as I recall, people who emailed their pal Dan got a form email. Bad form. In this commercial (it contains a pre-roll for Cisco), Sprint and Hesse make no such promises and direct you to a URL:


Anonymous said...

it's amazing that goodby has submitted to creating ceo-as-spokesperson advertising. it speaks volumes on the state of affairs in the ad industry.

Anonymous said... is a joke I am a sprint customer and i have to say that they have seriously slipped in service over the last 3 years, this last year i renewed my contract the sales rep sold me the simply everything plan for my 6 lines at a very good discount, i was very happy with the plan for the 3 months i had it then i got a call from sprint telling me i had to either cancel or change my plan cause they made a mistake and shouldnt have sold me the plan at such a discount ...

it took me 6 months to iron out all the errors sprint made in the contract they changed my plan without ever consulting me to a plan that didnt have anything close to what i had agreed to and was costing me a ton of money in comparison to what i had the only reason i even got the problem sorted out is because i kept following up to get it right and to top everything off when i renewed my contract half the phones they sent me were broken (their insurance company is a joke)

now that i got the problems sorted out after spending aprox 40 hours on the phone over 6 months they told me that they would not compensate me in anyway for the time i had to spend for the mistake that they made (i asked them for a treo pro at no charge and they offered me the same discounts i was already eligible for and tried to make me feel like i was getting a deal) i personally cant wait for my plan to expire cause i will never use sprint again i am a customer service specialist and i can say that this whole experience is the worst i have had with any with any company ... i just hope you are not their next victim