Thursday, October 2, 2008

Will Internet spending get squashed too?

The prevailing wisdom, this recession around, is that the Internet will continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace, while every other medium tanks. But you gotta wonder, with sales at some automakers dropping by a third, whether that's really going to be the case. According to TNS Media Intelligence, Internet spending was up 8 percent in the second quarter, which, by the medium's standard is fairly anemic. Throw a whole bunch of freaked out car advertisers into the stew, along with a healthy dash of other ad categories that cut back, and that number starts to drop downward. Fasten your seat belts, people.

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william said...

EMarketer made quite a few interesting predictions in the beginning of this year, such as "Networking goes beyond MySpace and Facebook" (yes), "Beijing Olympics pumps up ad spending" (obvi) and "YouTube decides the election" - well, maybe not YouTube flying solo but definitely all of rich & social media.
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