Thursday, November 20, 2008

Adverganza's Friday morning picks, 11.21.08

Wherein I scan the Friday morning headlines so you can prepare for the weekend.

From Advertising Age:

--Michael Phelps pitches Subway, but Jared, he's not.
--Vhat to do about "Valkyrie."
--No, really, this economy is an opportunity.
--The relationship between Linda Kaplan Thaler and her assistant is much longer than many marriages. I don't wanna know but it's via
--The growth curve in interactive advertising stops being so much of a curve.
--Management changes at Anheuser-Busch, now, depressingly, a unit of InBev.
--3 Minute Ad Age: Will the alternatively-powered Chevy Volt give new power to GM?

From Adweek:

--Hey, news media junkie, here's your fix:
--Wanna pitch Wedgwood?
--Good god no! Crispin sponsors Mr. Internet. See below:

--Check out this guy's faux-hawk. Then ponder that he's moving from R/GA to BBH.
--Ad of the Day: Commercial for Gold's Gyms from McKinney. I could care less since my exercise comes strictly through Pelham Rec.

From Brandweek:

--Kmart the latest store to get cozy again with the layaway.
--The NFL wants you to vote on its Super Bowl ad.
--Buy a video game at 7-Eleven.

From Mediapost:

--Motrin's pain already going away.
--Film at 11! The Organic Trade Association promoting cause of organic food.
--Which book retailer saw its sales drop 4.4 percent in the third quarter?
--Everyone's lovin' the Blackberry Storm.
--400,000 people download the MySpace Blackberry app, a new record.
--T-Mobile gives a thumbs-up to Yahoo mobile search.
--Renegade gets out from under Dentsu.
--In a shocking development, the head of the Versus network doesn't think the NHL would be better off being with ESPN, the much bigger, more powerful network.

From Mediaweek:

--Up with interactive advertising, according to Q3 numbers released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
--NBC News tests your iCue on Facebook.
--Go to the gas pump, see if you're ready for digital TV.
--Two Wall Street analysts downgrade Arbitron stock.
--The AP could lose 10 percent of its staff next year.
--McClatchy numbers suck.

From The New York Post:

--Memo from a disgruntled ex-Time Inc. employee.

From The New York Times:

--The Times cuts its dividend.
--Whatever happened to the Beijing ad bounce?

From The Wall Street Journal:

--Disney duels pirates, but not the ones off the coast of Africa. Free.
--Life & Style, In Touch lower audience promise to advertisers. Subscription required.

Au revoir until next week.

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