Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adverganza's Tuesday morning picks, 11.11.08

Wherein I synopsize as many headlines as I can before the off-from-school kids take over.

From Advertising Age:

--Starbucks profit down 97 percent, but CEO Howard Schultz thinks the worst is over.
--Maybe Crestor does do some good.
--30 percent of online retailers say they are cutting their marketing budgets.
--Now is the time for real innovation. At least this guy thinks so.
--3 Minute Ad Age: Charles Schwab CEO loves her commercials from Euro RSCG.

From Adweek:

--If you're turned off by the regular show or have no time, watch the "Heroes" microseries! Oh, yeah, sponsored by Sprint and worked on by Mindshare.
--Adweek's take on Bob Isherwood's exiting stage left at Saatchi.
--Omnicom CEO John Wren and ESPN sales and marketing prez Ed Erhardt to receive Reisenbach Award.
--Here's Adweek's story on Agency.com's suit against iCrossing and its ex-CEO Don Scales, who is now, of course, the CEO of iCrossing. More importantly, here's the complaint. Read on the Twitter yesterday that it cites stories written by Adweek's Brian Morrissey.
--Marketers target the obese, and not with Doritos.

--From Brandweek:

--Pull your TV commercials and embrace the power of swag.
--Feature on Starbucks' "Wake Up Call."
--Ads with a one-man target: president-elect Obama.
--Order online from Pizza Hut and receive 75 eMusic downloads? That rules!

From Mediapost:

--Liberty Mutual debuts ad in its "Responsibility Project", even though its earnings suck.
--Click here if you want to know what Kid-Adult Fusion is.
--According to this show, sponsored by Ocean Spray, it's going to be a "Cranberry Christmas."
--Land Rover is sponsor of KBB Mobile.
--Not as good as the Pizza Hut free downloads, but you can get four free downloads at this Tic Tac site.
--Mindshare signs social network ad deal with Lotame.
--Users sue NebuAd.
--iPhone now most popular mobile in the U.S.
--Now Conde Nast is all over Brightcove.
--Wired executive editor Bob Cohn to head Web site for The Atlantic.
--Here's how much it cost Publicis to buy Performics from Google.
--Invidi gets more traction as an addressable advertising solution.
--Which newspapers just laid off a total of almost 500 people?
--Charlie Collier named president of AMC.
--Which newspaper company saw third quarter revenue decline by 10 percent?
--Susan Whiting named vice chairperson of Nielsen, as part of the office of the CEO.

From Mediaweek:
--Which radio company saw its Q3 net revenue decline by 10.9 percent?
--Which major magazine publisher is asking for at least 83 buyout volunteers?
--Which radio and outdoor company had a basically flat Q3?
--CNET launches show called "The Apple Byte" for you Steve Jobs cultists.
--Marc Berman's Programming Insider: Broadcast nets are down compared to last year.
--Lifetime acquires something called Roiworld from Korea.

From The New York Times:

--Hmmm. Webcasts from Iraq will sell people on the Army? I guess.
--Film at 11! Book industry nervous about the holiday season. They must have been reading the headlines or something.

From The Wall Street Journal:

--Advertisers are reconsidering their Super Bowl ad buys. Certainly, this is the sign we've been waiting for to prove that the economy is in tatters. Free.
--Close-up on the rollout of Facebook's engagement ads. Free.
--As an experiment, Ticketmaster drops the so-called convenience charges. Convenient for who, I ask? Subscription required.
--Which satellite radio company posted a $4.88 billion loss in Q3? If you can't get this one right without clicking, you're hopeless. Subscription required.

That's all she wrote. Yesterday the headlines weren't so miserable, but not today!

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hello...these daily picks are nice but i can't help thinking they not up to the value of your previous articles with insights on the trends. you have great experience and knowledge which isn't getting used now, imho. i realize it might be difficult to find the time to do articles, so i understand if that's an issue. i just miss your old approach. all the best, still ove the blog. -- j