Thursday, October 8, 2009

American Express learns it's not good to get Joseph Jaffe mad

Those of us in the marketing business already knew that it's not a good idea to make Joseph Jaffe mad. He's one of those people who has all of the tools at his disposal to spread bad news about a brand (and good news), virally. If you want to see what I mean, check out the video above, which he, of course, posted to YouTube, posted to his Jaffe Juice blog, and has tweeted to his more than 13,000 followers. I'd be surprised if American Express hadn't noticed this by now.


Anonymous said...

Of course, those who have actually met JJ in person (unfortunately that equates to multiple times for me) know he is a complete moron and one should not even contemplate listening to any of the drivel he spews...

Anonymous said...

Hold on a second...I remember you well....anonymous, right? Did I get your name correct? You were that self-entitled, insecure and gratuitous one?

Anyway, thanks for swinging by and having the courage to use your real name :)

Unknown said...

no problem -- although it is sad that HP actually sponsors that whiny bitch session -- feel free to pay your bills like everyone else and you'd have no issue to "rant" about, no?

(and we all know why "anonymous" rules apply in this industry -- because ad people are a collective bunch of vindictive & in-bred wankers -- and unfortunately we have to cross paths with loads of your types on a daily basis. But I'm lucky in that I have pretty withdrawn from the agency world so that I only have to beat you up because my clients hire me to audit then replace types like yourself.)

Catharine P. Taylor said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for commenting, but I didn't resurrect this blog just so people could bitch at one another. Although I do have problems with restricting comments too much.

Ok. As you were. Have a nice day!


Joseph Jaffe said...

@down, a few things I thought I'd clarify:

- this wasn't about not paying bills on time. In fact I always do. It was about going over the credit limit during the month, which - as it turns out - was due to a large airline purchase which hit at the worst time so to speak

- I also wouldn't call it a whine. I'm putting on a consumer hat and instead of complaining to my neighbor, I'm doing it via JJTV. Why? b/c there's a marketing lesson or 3 in it...

1) Customer service (or lack thereof)
2) Breaking advertising promises i.e. Amex cares about Small Business owners
3) The opportunity for technology to help i.e. automated text messages when a client is overdrawn.

I understand how it's easy to miss these points, but I thought I would take the opportunity to restate them as a courtesy to you and other readers.

Joseph Jaffe

Anonymous said...

what will be the action of American Express

Anonymous said...
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