Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Publicis to stop creating print ads

At least that's my takeaway from Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Levy's statement during the third-quarter earnings call that the agency holding company plans to become an "all-digital agency." And by the way, they'll be no analog radio or static billboards made at Publicis anymore, so there!

Seriously though, even as a believer in digital, I find proclamations of becoming all digital to be positively cringe-worthy because they have a "hook, line and sinker" quality to them that indicates those doing the proclaiming have had more than their fair share of of Kool-Aid. While it's true that all kinds of media are becoming more digital than less -- including such former stalwarts as TV, there's still a little something to be said for magazines, newspapers and other forms of analog media, isn't there? Isn't there?


John said...

Definitely. In fact I'm beginning to wish the late majority would ease back a bit and remember that TV advertising does still work, DM can drive acquisition and sales promotions do drive sales -- and leave us digital types to do the digital work!

Anonymous said...
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