Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Weezer Snuggie: It rocks ... and it's real

OK, just discovered this over at AdFreak. You can get the Wheezer Snuggie and their new CD for a lo, lo $29.95. I dare you not to watch.

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Unknown said...


They're a band. And now they have a Snuggie, something you may have heard about once or twice. Their version is the same as the original, except that it reads "Weezer" across the front. Are you sensing the flatness of my voice? The reverse robe was first brought to market earlier this year, and though it grew to Web-memey fame, it has since lost some of its mojo. Hell, there were Snuggie pub crawls for awhile. But this feels off, to at least those of us who grew up with Weezer. You can buy a Weezer Snuggie and their latest album 'Ratitude' for $30.

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