Wednesday, August 29, 2007

John McEnroe mad for American Express

Unlike Andy Roddick, there's little doubt about whether John McEnroe knows where his mojo is. Maybe that was the thought behind this new American Express campaign centering on the Card's dispute resolution services, timed, of course, for maximum exposure during the U.S. Open, which draws on McEnroe's long, confrontational history for both a commercial (which you can see here), and a fairly amusing film on "The Art of the Dispute." It features McEnroe commentating on some of the baddest tennis behavior of all time--including his own. I'm not sure how much better AmEx's dispute resolution services are compared to competitors, but by putting McEnroe at center stage of the campaign, they are differentiated, at least, because they become more memorable. Another nice touch: the Open's 30-minute twice-daily highlight show is available on demand on the American Express site.

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