Friday, September 7, 2007

So, who are Catharine P. Taylor's Facebook friends?

Occurred to me that if I'm going to have the temerity to run lists of other people's Facebook friends on this blog, I should, by way of full disclosure, say who my Facebook friends are. So, let's get this out of the way and move onto posts full of meaning: Stewart Alsop (he wanted to friend me after my post about Julie Roehm's Facebook friends—I don't know why. He's an FOJ, BTW), AKQA's Tom Bedecarre and Molly Parsley, AdPulp's David Burn, Kipp Cheng of the 4As, a college friend, Avi Dan, Mediapost's Nick Friese, fellow Pelhamite and Nielsen BuzzMetrics exec Max Kalehoff and his lovely wife, Laura, former and current Adweekers Marla Kittler, Brian Morrissey, Tim Nudd, Manuela Oprea, Kathy Sampey, Carly Tushingham, New York magazine guy Jay Wilkins and Nancee Martin (not just because she works at TBWA—we went to high school together). Not impressed with my voluminous list of contacts? You shouldn't be. I've been too busy to work all that hard at my social networking; I mostly passively accept people as friends who hunt me down. That would seem to imply that if I just worked at it I'd have an endless universe of friends, but what if I found out I didn't?


Alan Wolk said...

You'll find tons more ad industry people, especially creatives, on LinkedIn.

Catharine P. Taylor said...

True. But I find LinkedIn so boring;)Plus, I like that Facebook is really about playing in social networking instead of purely there to advance their careers.