Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"3-minute 'Ad Age'" worth checking out

This 3-minute Ad Age video experiment is kind of interesting. As the name should demonstrate, it sums up the day's ad news stories in three minutes. The first installment was yesterday, and, day two is here covering the Bob Dylan/Cadillac ad, Interpublic's alliance with BzzAgent, Downy sponsoring telenovellas, and the writers' strike in Hollywood. The downside is that even if you routinely spend three minutes a day on the major ad news sites, it seems like a much longer time when you don't have as much ability to manipulate the content. On the other hand, it's a nice break from scrolling through pages of online text. Another plus: it allows Adage.com to exploit the market for online advertising video, which isn't all that easy for advertising sites. Who wants to watch a pre-roll commercial as a pre-amble to checking out a commercial? Both installments I've seen had 15-second ads, from VideoEgg and Better.TV respectively. Not a bad start.

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