Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chronicle of a Google relationship foretold

Wonder what Martin Sorrell is thinking now that Maurice Levy, David Kenny and other members of Publicis are making nice with Google, actually letting Google engineers into Publicis offices and vice versa in a warm, cozy collaborative relationship. Is he jealous or does he think they're chumps? Hard to say, though his Google obsession is well-known, along with his classification of Google as a "frenemy." Anyway, the Google/Publicis lovefest was foretold by Google ad sales chieftain Tim Armstrong at last month's UBS media conference, where Armstrong said, "If you sat in a room with us when we're meeting with them, I think you would see a very symbiotic relationship. So I think, in essence, the companies that are saying friend or foe, I think they're not as focused on where we see the future going, which is basically see[ing] this digitization where the agencies actually play a very central, hub role." So there!

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