Friday, January 18, 2008

Official 'save the red wig' logo

OK, everyone. Clearly this whole thing about saving Wendy's' red wig campaign needs a logo. And, thanks to Gerry Graf's imminent switch to Saatchi & Saatchi, it was obvious what it should be. (If you don't know who is wearing the wig, then, congratulations. You obviously have a life.)


mikelite said...

"red wig" as icon good. red wig spots for Wendys - BAD.

Escoffier said...

The red wig works as a functioning element in the imbecility of the genre known as fast food advertising.
Wendy's history is worth noting:
Cave man times: a somnolent company is awakened by some franchisees on the East Coast who hire Dick Rich and Roy Grace (freelance while CD at DDB) to do a WRG type Benson and Hedges/Alka Seltzer Mitch Leigh "Hot and Juicy" Vignette campaign. Wendy's stock moves and the alleged hot and juicy burgers do too.
Medieval time: Cliff Freeman and Sedelmaier and Walter Mondale do where's the beef which is so famous cliff still wears where's the beef t-shirts which have survived decades of laundering.
Enlightenment: Dave Thomas decides that, the stock being down again, he's start appearing in the commercials and Joe Sirola moves over from bronckhorst's bologna to do wendy's.
Contemporary times: wendy's buries thomas and thinks that, rather than run counter to fast food advertising, as it had done successfully in a number of ways in the past, adopts this emetic approach. And succeeds.

Bonham said...

escoffier, please shut the f up. You're not funny. At all.

escoffier said...

just laying out the facts which are more tragic than comedic...
you want funny?
try digesting on of those hot and juicy burgers or watching cliff freeman play gloria swanson watching his 25 year old commercials in a darkened screening room on 16 millimeter film....

mikelite said...

yeah, I'm with bonham, you're not funny.

Tom Messner said...

For someone concerned with facts,
Monsieur Escoffier mangles at least one of them.
Roy was not CD at DDB when he did that early campaign with Dick Rich. Marvin Honig was the CD.
Blogging, like wikipedia, is not strong on truth. Can't say I know about the other facts, but Clara Peller seemed to have been passed over.

George Parker said...

Tom Messner is my hero... He fucking knows everything. You can't fool a guy who's been in the biz as long as he has... Even me... Oh, forgot about George Lois. He's been around longer than all of us put together. Still a feisty fuck though.