Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maxing out with VW's Max

As a public service, I'm running what I believe are all of the new VW spots, featuring Max, the talking VW Beetle. OK, this is from Crispin people. Discussing is mandatory.

Here's The Hoff:

Here's Heidi:

Here's Bobby Knight:

Here's Shawn Fanning:

Here's the one with the astronaut:


Anonymous said...

it's a bit forced isn't it? it never ceases to amaze me how agencies continue to do "image" spots for cars in the age of the internet. attempted humor doesn't sell cars.

Michael said...

I actually find these spots extremely entertaining. First, it's a far better reincarnation of a brand icon than CP+B's frightening Redenbacher ad. It's a nice throwback to the cool feeling VW used to have and could have again. It lets them brag without chest thumping (like almost every other auto ad). And to me, they actually are funny because the guests and the Beetle character never take themselves too seriously.

Anonymous said...

I laughed. and I got their message as well. Cool in brazil, hot in germany, etc. etc. I.e. International cool.

I'm more impressed by the realness of the actors than I am of the talking car. Heidi is f-i-n-e when she's flirting vs. sending people off the runway.

The ads seem more like they were done by Arnold than by Crispin though.

So back to my first point. I laughed.

Anthony Juliano said...

I laughed, too. The Shawn Fanning one is great. Simple, but memorable. And legal, which is cooler.

George Parker said...

Why does the fucking car sound like a rabbi? And couldn't they have forced in even more product sell by getting rid of the guests. And don't you know that 90% of the viewers wouldn't have a clue who the fuck Shawn Fanning is. Yeah, I know... CP+B and the Judges on the award shows know who he is!

irivera said...

Who is the band in these commercials and what is the name of the song?

Tadalafil said...

Well, there's something wrong with my computer, I was only able to hear the sound but I saw no image on it. but I liked the music. It's pretty nice.