Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adverganza's Tuesday morning picks, 10.21.08

Wherein I scan the Tuesday morning headlines so you don't have to.

From Advertising Age:

--E*Trade tells you how to survive a credit crisis. How come I'm not finding them very credible either?
--What do Verizon, Charles Schwab and Hewlett-Packard have in common? They are all clients who are pissed off at ad vendors.
--David Armano on how to work with the legal department and other roadblocks to your sterling social media initiative.
--Hey agencies! AssetLink is watching you.
--Everything you wanted to know about the ANA Conference that you didn't go to.
--3 Minute Ad Age: Who knew that WalMart shoppers were so into AC/DC?

From Adweek:

--Enfatico promotes! Wait, has that agency even opened yet?
--Time Warner Cable goes viral, letting people create their own "E: True Hollywood Story" vids about friends and family. If you've ever been in rehab, be very afraid. If you want to go do it now, click here.
--Fox getting serious about mobile.
--Barbarian's Benjamin Palmer on why agency people should stop dreaming about boats and motorcycles, and, um motorcycles in lakes.
--Pam Horan of the Online Publishers Association, shockingly, on why inventory managed by branded content sites is good.
--Ad of the Day: It's another Mac vs. PC or PC vs. Mac. Never un-brilliant. Was a problem with the audio for the ad on the Adweek site; a version from YouTube is below.

From Brandweek:

--Behavioral targeting doesn't always behave as it should.
--Dunkin' Donuts challenges Starbucks to a taste test, and has a whole freakin' Web site about it too. See the commercial below:

From Mediapost:

--The FTC is going to find out which marketers are really green.
--OK, coffee aficionados, so that Dunkin' Donuts taste test was done against Starbucks House Blend, not Pike Place Roast.
--At least toy sales were good during the third quarter.
--The new powers-that-be at the ANA.
--Online ad revenue just isn't making up for losses at magazines, newspapers and radio.
--Don't really follow this stuff, but if you do, Mediabank bought Mediaplex from ValueClick.
--The Electronic Frontier Foundation backs McCain ... at least on digital rights issues.
--Forgot to mention that Avenue A/Razorfish is now just Razorfish.
--Amazed no other network has done this yet, but, anyway, CBS launches the "social viewing" room.
--MySpace embraces the Android.

From Mediaweek:

--What the world has been waiting for: a podcast metric.
--Ex-Primedia CEO William F. Reilly dies.
--Marc Berman's Programming Insider: ABC on top.

From The New York Times:

--Don't read too much into strong attendance at the ANA. The hotel had a two nights' deposit policy and required 30-days' notification of cancellation, per Stuart Elliott.

From The Wall Street Journal:

--Too much going on here for my addled brain, but Lara Spencer of "The Insider" starring in commercials for Unilever's Bertolli which also features CBS programs. If you want to be bombarded with commercial messages, click here. Subscription required.

That's it. Have to go spend some quality time with a few Android apps.

More to come ...

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