Monday, September 10, 2007

Can someone at DDB post about something?

I won't be posting anything in the morning because I have to go to DC for the day, so I'll leave off with my observations on DDB's new blogs (or DDBlogs), which Brian Morrissey over at AdFreak was a bit lukewarm about the other day. OK, so the blogs, which launched on Sept. 4, are about to enter into week two, and still carry one post apiece—which strikes me as more than underwhelming, particularly for the beginning of a blog project. I mean, the bloggers aren't even supposed to have lost their charming, if misguided, enthusiasm yet! While clients may be relieved that Messrs. Bob Scarpelli, Jeff Swystun and Frank Palmer—who authored the posts—haven't gone off the blogging deep end and instead been spending their time on client business, it's time for some other DDBers to step up to the plate. In fact, you would think they would have been lined up, and ready to go, at the blogs' launch. So before this whole thing becomes woefully moribund, I'm asking someone at DDB to post, and stream some work you like—or don't like. Tell us how a trend in the broader world (like, say, lead-filled import toys!), fits into the broader context, of, I don't know, world views on lead. I was going to say the agency should send links out, but in trying to link to the posts themselves, I just realized that they can't send links out. The URL for every part of the site, blogs area, or no, is the same. For shame! Of course, I should point out that DDB is not alone in being lazy (there, I said it) about updating its blog. Hill Holliday last saw it fit to post way back on Aug. 27. Meanwhile, however, Organic's Three Minds and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam's "Think Global, Act Stupid" were both updated today, and Naked's House of Naked was last updated on Sunday. What does that tell you about who might be taking this new media stuff seriously, and who might not be?


Anonymous said...

i wouldn't hold my breath if i were you.

Tim said...

At least they tried :-)