Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mixing it up at a packed MIXX

After the Ad Club of New York luncheon (see below), I decided to stop by the Interactive Advertising Bureau's MIXX Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square, and though I sat through a fairly engaging panel on "Content without Borders" (I'm a geek—what can I say?), the most interesting thing about the conference was how completely packed it was. I ended up at the content panel—which may have had as many 150 attendees—because I was turned away at the door of the panel moderated by my former Adweek colleague Brian Morrissey on search, and there was one other session going on at that time besides. Let's do the math—that's about 450 people attending panels. I also had a good chat with former IAB chief and current iPhone owner Greg Stuart. I know he's doing something these days—I just don't know what.
But the following meeting of the minds, or addled brains, summed up the vibe at MIXX. I had a brief conversation/collision with Joseph Jaffe, and Morrissey, post-panel, at the top of the escalators, which is, I admit, a particularly dumb place to stand at a packed conference. Words of greeting were briefly exchanged. Morrissey pulled out his cell phone; Jaffe pulled out his iPhone, saying to us, "I hear Facebook got bought today. By Microsoft." (That's not true ... yet.) Then we all went our separate ways.

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Anonymous said...

Too manic for my taste...next time quality conversation over a glass of wine :)