Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Can you find the AT&T souvenir site?

Took a spin this morning on the AT&T site that lets you make customized t-shirts and coffee mugs based on the places you spend your time. (It's a spinoff of the Wes Anderson-directed AT&T campaign themed, "Your Seamless World.") Doubt I'd shell out $17.95 for this "Pelcancy" t-shirt (that's short for Pelham, New Canaan, Quincy), but I guess it's fun enough to play around with the site. AT&T told Adweek that they've sold thousands of t-shirts—the site went live a month ago—but I'm wondering if the whole thing is under-promoted. I actually have tried to find it several times to post about it and I came up empty until I saw the Adweek story. True, AT&T is a huge company, but there's no mention of it on the company home page, or on the home page for its wireless services. It was also referred to as a "souvenir store" in the release that originally announced the launch of the campaign back in September, and yet, if you type that phrase into the search function on the AT&T site, you come up empty. Googling it gives marginally better results. There's no sponsored links about the site; it comes up third in the non-paid links, but hardly describes what it is. Sorry, I'm such a stickler.

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