Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Facebook advertiser fans scoreboard! Round two!*

Ok, since people seemed to link to my first Facebook advertiser fans scoreboard, here's round two, which I'm posting more or less a week later. In other words, this is more or less how many fans these advertisers gained in a week. (I may add more but this list is made up of the ones who were Facebook advertisers right out of the gate.) Here goes:

Sprite Sips: 153 fans (last week's tally: 39; still perplexed as to why Mr. Sips holds a spatula).
Blockbuster: 139 fans (last week's tally: 41)
CBS' Amazing Race: 1499 fans (last week's tally: 73)
Epicurious: 193 fans (last week's tally: 74)
Verizon: 477 fans (last week's tally: 74)
The New York Times: 2337 fans ((last week's tally: 582 fans).

Biggest Gainer: Yes! It's Amazing Race!
Biggest Loser by not Gaining that Much: Blockbuster.

Knee-jerk analysis: People really like TV, but good newspapers aren't bad either. Rental movies suck, and drinking soda isn't all that important.

*Study completely unscientific, subject to radical change and chock full o' specious logic.

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Anonymous said...

Now I have to become a facebook fan of Adverganza.