Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bob Garfield gets 'em talking about Obama

Looks like Bob Garfield has caused quite the dust-up over his Monday column entitled: "Why Even Hardened Racists Will Vote for Barack Obama: In the Electoral Marketplace, He Had to Pass the Halle Berry Test." Not only is it the second most read and fourth most emailed story on Ad Age so far this week, but it's gotten people pretty tied up in their underwear. Check out the comments, such as: "Bob, while your 'logic' is provocative,it has the ring of 'I know what I'm talking about because I'm a racist and I'm using this column to purge my soul'" or "But what do I know? I'm just a black male with 17 years in the 90% white advertising industry that among other things marginalizes black agencies into sub-contractor status simply because they're black, while its Gen market shops hire few if any people of color ... " Before you comment on this blog I ask you to go read Bob's column and ask yourself if he is right in saying the following:

1) Even hardened racists feel the impulse to believe they are no such thing.

2) Hence, they are always in the market for someone "acceptably black."

OK, talk amongst yourselves.


HighJive said...


It’s unlikely anyone of us will talk amongst ourselves. Why? Because it’s a silly topic and our segregated industry is incapable of holding a meaningful conversation on it.
Plus, Garfield is an outdated blowhard who doesn’t deserve the attention. But if you’re honestly interested, you’re invited to visit here and follow the tags. But I doubt you’ll really get it. All the best.

(Plus, Bob can thank me for helping to spike readership on his latest gaffe.)

Dee said...

What is clear is that Garfield is an ardent Obama supporter. Just saw him on Hardball with the Hillary hating Chris Matthews. What a pair! They are both BIG FAT IDIOTS!!