Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nike ad hard to walk away from

Finally found this Nike commercial that Barbara Lippert found so motivational. It has a good punchline--that the basketball player working out is in a wheelchair--but the best part is the guy's performance. The way he delivers lines like "I feel bloated" or "next week" as reasons not to work out now is priceless, and completely draws you in. I'm assuming this one's from Wieden + Kennedy and not Crispin, but Barbara's story doesn't say.


Anonymous said...

Cathy: Creative credits of SourceTV give the nod to W+K.

Title: No Excuse (:60)
Client: Nike
Product: Sneakers
Director: Errol Morris
Spots's Prod Co: Moxie Pictures

AD AGENCY : Wieden & Kennedy/PORT
Art Director: Taylor Twist
Asst Producer: Mary Alberque
Asst Producer: Lara Gallagher
CD: Alberto Ponte
CD: Jeff Williams
Copywriter: Caleb Jensen
Exec CD: Jelly Helm
Exec CD: Steve Luker
Exec Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Producer: Jeff Selis

Anonymous said...

Like Crispin would be capable of doing anything so unabashedly emotional and uplifting. They excel at irony and attitude, shticks and stunts -- and not much else.

Catharine P. Taylor said...

Thanks for the help. I'd like to think I would have done some investigating myself, but I was running for a train.

Anonymous said...

Really? Emotional and uplifting like "Magnet" or "What if?" Not for me. Not in a long time has Wieden Portland pulled that kind of emotion out of a brand.