Monday, February 4, 2008

Adverganza's, er, Monday morning picks, 02.04.08

Monday morning picks now available late Monday night! Sorry about the delay. It's been one of those days/weeks/months:

From Advertising Age:

—Microsoft can go and buy Yahoo all it wants and it'll still have less revenue than Google. Ha!
—Bud Light campaign accused of plagiarizing, like, five other campaigns, which means it plagiarized a plagiarizer, which plagiarized a plagiarizer, which plagirized a plagiarizer, which plagiarized a plagiarizer, which plagiraizer a plagiaraizer. Gee, that's kinda viral.
—Bob Garfield's complete rundown of Super Bowl commercials. He's not happy. You can watch a post-game video of him ranting here.
—Nokia thinks it should narrow down its digital roster from 500 shops. Sounds good to me.
—I cannot believe that Wieden + Kennedy did that horrible Career Builder follow your heart spot, which ranked even worse than Cramer-Krasselt's spot on the Super Bowl.

From Adweek (yeah, I know the big news here is the new Adweek, but I'll post about that later):

—Barbara Lippert on the Super Bowl spots. She's happy.
—All in all it's just another BRIC in the wall. OK, couldn't find a way to spice this one up ... it's a story we should probably all read on the growth of the Brazil, Russia, India and China markets.
—Roy Bostock, non-executive chairman of Yahoo? Who knew?
—Why the proposed Microsoft/Yahoo deal shouldn't leave you tied up in your underwear.

From Brandweek:

—Will Ferrell Bud Light ad was supposed to be an online short.
—More ads on school busses. Yuck.
—Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Gold: it's gggrrrreeeeaaaatttt.
—A Q&A with Hyundai vp/marketing Joel Ewanick who explains about the Genesis, and other stuff.

From Mediapost:

—Mercedes-Benz, Fashion Week, upcoming Sex and the City movie, synergy.
More on the Yahoo?Microsoft deal, in the offchance you're not already sick of it.

What we're hearing from The Delaney Report:

—Blockbuster might be an account to look at.
—Also worth looking at: Sony Ericcson.

From The New York Post:

—Fashion Week gets into fashion "presentations."
—Is the Yahoo/Microsoft deal really about display advertising?

From The New York Times:

—Stuart Elliott's take on the Super Bowl ads.
"Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC?"

From The Wall Street Journal (subscription-required unless otherwise noted):

Is Microsoft undervaluing Yahoo? Free.
A mock Mac vs. PC ad about the time WSJ tech columnist Brian Fitzgerald's iMac broke. After only three weeks. Free.

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