Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stream of consciousness post on perpetual beta panel

I'm having a flashback because Mark Kvamme is on stage previewing something called SearchMe. Remember Kvamme? CKS? He's been at Sequioa Capital, VCing for awhile. And now he's talking about his son's project, FunnyOrDie. He looks too young to have a son that age. Also on the panel: Scott Kurnit, who founded About.com. Moderator: The New York Times' Martin Nisenholtz, who started the Ogilvy interactive practice in 1983 doing teletext, I think. The topic: perpetual beta, although Nisenholtz maintains that interactive TV has been in perpetual alpha. True. Now Nisenholtz is getting ribbed for traffic clogs on nytimes.com because of the Spitzer scandal. He just said something along the lines of: "We can't engineer for the governor getting caught in a prostitution scandal." Also true. Kurnit just mentioned Prodigy. Remember Prodigy? He used to be in charge of it. Martin's now asking what people should focus on in the next few years, but my flashbsck state is only intensifying. Next thing I know, someone will mention Netscape.

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