Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome to the new, silo-free Mindshare!

The big ad news this morning seems to be Mindshare's decision to get rid of the silos Interaction, in favor of being completely media-neutral. The shop will now be split into four disciplines: client leadership, business planning, invention and "the exchange" roughly translating to account management, media planning, creative and digital, and media buying. (Yeah, I know that's just the kind of knee-jerk interpretation that , including disassembling its digital unit, MindshareWPPMindShare is trying to avoid, but here at Adverganza, we like to dumb things down). The story in Mediapost deals with the thorny issue of what creative agencies do when media agencies also do a form of creative. "We think the ad agency has even a stronger role in the new process," Mindshare CEO Scott Neslund told the publication. Of course, Neslund isn't the first to share this sentiment, but what's interesting is that as power in the business has shifted, you never hear the head of a creative agency talking about how a media agency fits into its world—only the other way around.

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