Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dove's retouched, fat-bottomed girls

So retoucher quoted in The New Yorker says that those real women in the Dove ads were retouched. I guess I'm lukewarm on how big this controversy is, although others are getting all hot and bothered about it. It's not like he turned them from size 12 into size 0, but go at it anyway, if you want. UPDATE: So now everyone involved, except the women themselves, has issued a statement denying any substantive retouching. Turns out Annie Liebovitz shot the thing. Anyway, retoucher Pascal Dangin, says: "The recent article published by The New Yorker incorrectly implies that I retouched the images in connection with the [2005] Dove 'real women' ad. I only worked on the [2007 Dove Pro-Age] campaign taken by Annie Leibovitz and was directed only to remove dust and do color correction—both the integrity of the photographs and the women's natural beauty were maintained." OK. Time to move on.

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