Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You, too, can be a new media douchebag

Going for some low-hanging fruit this morning since got a lot to do. Heard about this video from a tweet by AdFreak's David Griner. It's about how to become a new media douchebag. Ever since I started this Social Media Insider gig, have started to wonder if I'm becoming one. Via The Presurfer.


Anonymous said...

To me, you become an SM douchebag when you don't actually do anything except write about what people SHOULD be doing.

There's a lot of self-promotion and carbon-copied idea floating around on Twitter, but people tend to show their cards when they post things like "OMG I GOT A CLIENT WTFBBQ!!!11!Eleventy!"

Anonymous said...

Oh, but I am thankful for how much fodder they provide for our agency anti-hero,