Monday, August 4, 2008

Adverganza's Monday morning picks, 08.04.08

Wherein I scan the Monday morning headlines so you don't have to:

From Advertising Age:

This week's obligatory "Mad Men" story, in this case, about fashion.
—What them worry? The surprising robustness of agency holding companies.
—P&G, Unilever spend less, but Kraft, Kellogg spend, spend, spend.
—The Prius is popular. Duh.
The newest magazine industry headache:
—Cut back on ads, go bankrupt.
—Can Wired attract luxury advertisers?
—Long Island, sans Hamptons, as a tourist destination?
—How we're cutting back. Or not.
—Bob Garfield favorably reviews some cutesy PSAs. Maybe this Comcast thing has made him soft in the head. Kidding!

From Adweek: on the comeback trail.
—Jon Miller not on the Yahoo board quite yet.
Jim Stengel and the Purpose Institute.
"Planning? Yecch!" says Mediavest.
—Video of a guy who makes hangers.

From Brandweek:

So much for those MillerCoors craft beers.
—Dodge discounts its trucks by only 40 percent. Yikes.
—Pizza Hut goes organic on your pizza.

From Mediapost (which, full disclosure, I do a fair amount of work for):

—Will the sorry state of our debt make us hate credit card companies?
—Trucks, SUVs dragging numbers down along with them.
Subway is no. 3!
The refashioned
How big is YuMe really?
—AOL Video relaunches with only 200 million videos.
Interpublic takes over Endeavor's marketing group.
More depressing news about the newspaper business.
Larry Blasius leaves Magna Global.
—Fox leads the summer so far, until the Olympics, that is.

From Mediaweek:

Ninety-six percent of NBC's Olympic ad revenue is sold.
Everywhere is history.
No one's watching TV this summer.
—Who will lead XM Sirius.

From The New York Times:

—The media isn't seeing a campaign bounce of its own.
The "Jewish HBO."
—No one wants to buy a newspaper. isn't free.
Wordscraper is the new Scrabulous.
—A plan to rehab Vista's image backfires.
—Apparently "The Mummy" and the Beijing Olympics have something in common.

From The Wall Street Journal:

—Investors expected to closely examine MySpace tomorrow when News Corp. announces earnings. Subscription required.
—McDonald's tinkering with the Dollar Menu, or when is a cheeseburger just a burger with cheese? Free.
Did Buckcherry orchestrate its own leak? Free.

That's it. Have a good one.

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