Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Microsoft's 'Mojave Experiment'

You've probably heard by now about mojaveexperiment.com, a site that, in apparent homage to those ads of yore where coffee drinkers inadvertently discovered the joys of Folgers Crystals, computer users inadvertently discover the joys of Vista under a different name—Mojave. When they are finally told that, in fact, the operating system they've been playing around with is the much-maligned Vista, they are shocked, Shocked! Personally, I've never found these hidden camera-style ads very convincing, and that goes for this one as well. However, props to Microsoft for just out-and-out addressing the Vista problem. Saw one of the Mojave Experiment banners opposite the headline on CNET, "Why Microsoft Must Abandon Vista to Save Itself." That's either brilliant, or inadvertently contextually right on.

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