Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Adverganza's Tuesday morning picks, 08.19.08

Wherein I scan the Tuesday morning headlines because I goofed off yesterday.

From Advertising Age (no print issue this week):

—Remember account reviews? No one ever writes about them anymore. Well, Stella Artois is in review.
You're shit out of luck if you want to see a preview of the new 90210.
—Maybe people don't run away screaming from pre-rolls.
—Users more and more and more satisfied with Google.
—Influential mad women talk at the Women to Watch luncheon.

From Adweek:

—SAG and AFTRA talk about a contract. Blah.
—Huge power company simplifies agency pitching process!
J&R Music World discovers this thing called an ad agency and picks Toy.
—Time Warner Cable looks to take its media account out of the house.
—Fox unveils a Hispanic wiki.
—Barbara Lippert on why political ads airing on the Olympics don't fit the Olympics zeitgeist.
—What Commercial Alert doesn't like about Olympic sponsorships.
—All about Steffan Postaer's second novel.
Tom Bedecarre's rose-tinted glasses.
What Harvey Marco plans to do at JWT N.Y.
Axe's foray into branded entertainment.
—JWT's Tom Doctoroff from inside the Bird's Nest.

From Brandweek:

Dow XLA is the new Spandex, in case you were looking for a new Spandex.
No more red carpets for GM.
—Allegedly, credit card companies aren't sending out as much as direct mail. Yeah, right.

From Mediapost:

Microsoft invades Sheraton lobbies.
No new bookbags or shoes for school kiddies.
Everyone loves Benadryl. In fact, I'll be buying some later today.
—The cute little Ford Ka rides with James Bond.
Nielsen looks for better ways to measure DVR viewing.
Will the Tribune Co. default in 2009?
—Gannett tells 1,000 staffers to hit the road.
The Banana Splits are back!
—This economic downturn is so powerful it's changing our belief systems. Whew.
—Economic downturns don't mean it's time to let the pet get sick.
Westin's Heavenly Bed coming to United Airlines.
Levi's unbuttons for art.
—ABC takes over TV Guide. Temporarily, anyway.
—Magna Global's Steve Sternberg is steamed about Olympic ratings not including numbers for individual events.
—Soon to come: a British version of "The Apprentice." Fortunately, the Donald will stay on this side of the pond.

From Mediaweek:

MSN debuts "The Republicrats." Yeah, it's about Republicans, presidential elections, stuff like that. Can't imagine where they got the idea.
Washington Post, Newsweek with the major political convention video streams.

From The New York Post:

—Some guy I should probably know called Ed Castillo blogs about "Mad Men."
Nautica gets a lot of sweat equity out of Misty May-Treanor's head band. Personally, I think most people spend more time looking at her Nike bikini.
This Olympics is all about the gals.
—Who cares about his leg. What will happen to Liu Xiang's endorsement deals?

From The Wall Street Journal:

—Coke plies the Chinese with Coke. Free.
Barnes & Noble pissed at Amazon, Obama. Free.
—Now the race is on for Michael Phelps endorsement deals. What a predictable metaphor. Free.
Olympic ads compete in tug of heartstrings. Free.

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Anonymous said...

I am overjoyed that the Banana Splits are back, and who cares if my happiness dates me? Great blog Catherine -- I love the wrap-up posts that cover all the trades. Here's a maybe tip - Vitamin Water has a bunch of behind-the-scenes-esque videos of athletes (not that I'd know any of them) that are pretty funny. Not sure if they're on TV or not. http://www.vitaminwater.com/teambuilding/behind.htm Keep blogging!