Friday, August 22, 2008

Do 'Mad Men' characters have time to Twitter?

It's time to spend a little quality time on the subject of whether all of these "Mad Men" characters showing up on Twitter are part of an AMC marketing stunt. I first became aware there was an @don_draper on Twitter from Alan Wolk, so I decided to follow him. He's elusive, as you might expect, and keeps popping out of the office for extended periods of time. Then, last night, I got an email that Peggy Olson was following me. Peggy is much more prolific on Twitter—work has been keeping her up at night. Pete Campbell, Bertram Cooper and a couple of other characters seem to be tweeting away too. When it was just Don Draper, I thought this was a late-summer time-waster. Now I'm not so sure, although, on the other hand, it isn't exactly in keeping with the series' slavish devotion to retro to embrace a newfangled online service like Twitter.

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Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

I'm honored to discover that Peggy's following me too, Catherine! And so is (heart palpitations) Draper! and (Sleazy) Pete! This is BRILLIANT use of extension media. And why not--don't underestimate ad minds of 1962 who, after all, did spots we still remember. Of COURSE they "get" twitter--while keeping tweet copy appropriately Kennedy era. Personally, I am delighted by juxtaposition of planets.