Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When am I going to be in a Gap ad?

So, was reading this morning in Ad Age about Gap's return to advertising. Reminded me that, the other day, whilst driving up the West Side Highway (travel advisory: if you miss the very confusing turn off on I-78 to get on the New Jersey Turnpike going north, you might end up at Chelsea Piers), I saw a ginormous billboard featuring four models wearing denim bell bottoms. The clothes actually looked cool--not at all conservative. Anyway, apparently the campaign is almost celebrity-free, featuring Liv Tyler and a few "lesser-known 'style makers'" per Ad Age. One of these is a blogger named Scott Schuman (right), who apparently runs something called The Sartorialist. It doesn't hurt that he's kinda good looking. Back here at Adverganza Estates, I still await my moment in the sun, but given my preference for t-shirts from dead dot-coms, and five-year-old shorts from Old Navy, it ain't happenin' anytime soon.

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