Thursday, September 4, 2008

Need help understanding Seinfeld Microsoft spot

Man, I totally don't get this Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates Microsoft commercial. Please, someone, somewhere, explain to me why the action takes place in a fictitious shoe store! Explain to me what this is meant to do to improve my relationship with Microsoft! Best for me to move on. UPDATE: Here's Brian Morrissey's story at about the commercial, which provides this explanation: "This is the tech giant's first work from MDC's Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami, and it marks the kickoff to a wide-ranging $300 million campaign designed to alert consumers to innovations made possible through Microsoft's Windows operating system." Forgive me for thinking the commercial was about shoes.


Anonymous said...

Poor Fallon, coming in second in the pitch to this pile of shit.

Anonymous said...

I think the explanation is Jerry Seinfeld must really need money. Why else would a comedian agree to do a commercial completely devoid of comedy?

Anonymous said...

Catharine, Morrissey’s explanation doesn’t lessen the confusion—or the fact that the spot sucks. Maybe I’m getting old, but back in the day, kick-off spots were usually exciting and/or piqued your interest to want to see more. Is Seinfeld/Gates a poor man’s version of the Apple duo? Plus, Gates wasn’t supposed to be leaving his primary role at Microsoft? This work makes him look really dumb.