Monday, July 23, 2007

All You Need Is Not to Sell Diapers with This Song

Funny how the use of "All You Need Is Love" in a Luvs commercial has proven so controversial, when, a few months back, Target's use of another Beatles' tune, "Hello, Goodbye," (changed to goodbuy ... sacrilege!), seemed to pass without much note, except, maybe for my rant about it. Yes, if you haven't read about it already, Procter and Gamble did change the lyrics to "All You Need Is Luvs," and so far, it seems to be standing by its commercial, with a spokesperson noting that it tested well with parents. OK, here's a thought: that, if you're testing for consumer outrage over use of a Beatles' song, the target market should not be people in their twenties and thirties. Yes, thankfully, the Beatles have fans that age, but for most people of that age group the band's songs still can't have the same resonance as it does for people who were there when they were released. Curious to see if Procter pulls the ad. As far as this particular song, not only was it pretty much an anthem of the sixties, it's recording was a landmark event, which, for the fun of it, I've posted above. I was pretty young at the time, but I remember it as the first global broadcast, featuring not only the Beatles, but Mick Jagger, who sits on the floor singing the chorus.

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