Tuesday, July 24, 2007

'Business 2.0' gets even more friends

Still skeptical about whether the "Save Business 2.0" Facebook group will save the magazine, but interesting to see how this movement is taking shape. When we reported on this last week, it had roughly 350 friends—as of this writing, it has grown to about 1725, with a growth curve (published on the group's home page) that looks like this:

1500 members @ 9:50am edt, July 23rd
1200 members @ 10:34am edt, July 21st
1100 members @ 9:45pm edt, July 20th
1000 members @ 4:45pm edt, July 20th
900 members @ 1:45pm edt, July 20th
800 members @ 6:30am edt, July 20th
700 members @ 9:13pm edt, July 19th
600 members @ 3:50pm edt, July 19th

Not bad. But, while it seems to be completely made up of graduates of Ivy League schools, or Stanford or MIT (exaggeration watch!), my guess is the group will have to get into the healthy five figures to have any real impact. Good luck all.

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